6 Best LED Headlights: Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

Best LED Headlights 2018

The benefits of LED headlight bulbs are numerous, including extreme light output, and longevity. Replacing your halogen bulbs with LEDs is a no-brainer. The only thing left to do is identify the best led headlights. We get it, which is why we’ve prepared this detailed ranking of all of the best LED headlights available.

6 Best LED Headlights:

RankPictureLED Headlight BulbsLight Output
#1XenonPro LED Headlights KitXenonPro LED Headlights Kit9,000 Lumens
#2Hikari LED Headlight BulbsHIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs9,600 Lumens
#3JDM ASTAR LED Headlight Bulbs JDM ASTAR G48,000 Lumens
#4PIAA LED Headlight BulbsPIAA LED Headlight Bulbs7,400 Lumens
#5CougarMotor LED Headlight BulbsCougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs7,200 Lumens
#6OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight BulbsOPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kit7,000 Lumens

#1 – XenonPro LED Headlights Kit – Best LED Headlights

XenonPro LED Headlights Kit

XenonPro LED Headlights Kit

We’re going to cut right to the chase and show you our favorite pair of bulbs off the top.

The XenonPro LED Headlights are super bright. The extreme clarity that can only come from advanced German technology, is what they deliver, and they do it with ease. And for additional peace of mind, they are 100% water, shock, dust and rumble-proof.

XenonPro also gives you your choice of colors: white, yellow, blue, and purple, which is something we don’t normally see being offered by most LED headlight companies.

These bulbs are up to 150% brighter than factory installed halogen bulbs and still only draw 45W for their power.

Their plug-and-play installation requires no cutting or splicing, and use the factory wiring harness and bulb housing. They also use built in micro fans to keep themselves running at the right temperature which helps with longevity and performance.

As if all of this wasn’t good enough, these LED headlight bulbs come with an unbeatable lifetime warranty and free replacements. If you’re ready to buy the last pair of headlights you’ll ever need for your vehicle, and see better while diving at night than you ever did with your stock halogen bulbs, buy these.

For these reasons, we’ve crowned the XenonPro LED headlights the best LED headlights.

#2 – HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

Hikari LED Headlight Bulbs

Hikari LED Headlight Bulbs

Next up on our list for the brightest LED headlight bulbs is this set from HIKARI. People swear by these lights and we don’t blame them because we absolutely love them, too.

Just looking at all the specifications and features of these bulbs is enough to sell anyone. These bulbs are Top CREE XHP50 LEDs so you know they are going to be the brightest thing you have ever put on your vehicle.

Additionally, there are plenty of options for different fits so that you can get the right set for any car or truck.

The bulbs are functional with all headlight settings including regular headlights and fog lighting. And the two year warranty on confirmed manufacturer defects ensures that you are making a purchase that will last you plenty long.

But what really blows us away is the commitment to customer service that HIKARI provides. They promise that they will get any new replacements out to customers in a maximum of two days and are happy to help those who are new to the HIKARI family with installing their lights over the phone.

If you want the complete package out of your LED bulbs, go for this HIKARI LED Conversion Kit.

#3 – JDM ASTAR G4 All-in-One LED Headlight Conversion Kit

JDM ASTAR LED Headlight Bulbs

JDM ASTAR LED Headlight Bulbs

This set is for those who love to stay on the cutting edge with their visibility. And who shouldn’t be when your safety is quite literally at stake?

Putting out 8000 raw lumens, these bulbs use less power than most other LEDs of comparable performance. Most of the time, you will see bulbs like these draw 55W from your vehicle – but these only need 30W to operate at insanely good performance. That means you will be getting the same 6500K that you desire for the highest in visibility using far less.

The technology in this bulb kit, like we mentioned is awesome. For instance, the 6063 aviation aluminum heat dissipation design is the type of tech you almost don’t expect to see for just light bulbs.

The rest of the bulb design, too, grants you up to 20,000 hours of excellent vision. The 4th Generation AEC LED chips are the highest in quality and in high demand.

With a one year warranty on these bulbs, you’re guaranteed to be getting safety-enhancing visibility that your momma would be proud of.

The fact of the matter is that this conversion kit is the height of technology when it comes to the brightest LED headlight bulbs and you definitely wouldn’t be disappointed in their performance.

#4 – PIAA 172-1 White Performance LED Bulb

PIAA LED Headlight Bulbs

PIAA LED Headlight Bulbs

These PIAA bulbs are just awesome. They are truly a package that offers the best in materials, easy installation, and high quality performance.

To speak for the materials, you’re looking at a construction of dual alloy aluminum and copper with an electronic fan. All of this means that you are getting a circuit board that stays cool and has its life maximized to the fullest.

The installation is super easy, like we said, because there is no soldering or splicing or rewiring needed of any kind. Just plug and play!

And, as we all love to see, the bulbs are high performers. We’re talking about 6000K that replicates the light of the sun in plain day whenever you want it. The 3700 lumens of brightness are plenty enough to see a huge change when you compare them with your stock halogen lights and they will even demand up to 75% less energy than factory bulbs.

Something we love is that these bulbs have a sharp cut line so that they don’t shine too badly into the eyes of oncoming drivers. While some nice LED bulbs will make us safer, we don’t want to be making others unsafe, do we? That’s why we recommend these PIAA LED bulbs as some of our favorites.

#5 – CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit

CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs

CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs

CougarMotor simply knows whats up. Their bulbs are top of the line and big time performers like we would love to see on our own ride. The have the highest in power through the use of their Top CREE LED chips that draw 60W of power to create their always beautiful 6000K Cool White.

These bulbs are going to be twice – yes, twice – as bright as your stock halogen headlights so you’re going to see just about everything in comparison. And none of those dreaded dark spots, by the way.

Since we know heat control plays a big part in longevity for bulbs like these, we have to point to the cooling system for these bulbs as a major strength. The 10,000 RPM Powerful TurboCool fan keeps your bulbs nice and cool, leading to 50,000 hours of that beautiful light that you want to see.

Of course, CougarMotor went through the effort of making sure that these LED bulbs are easy to install, too, with their plug them in and light them up configuration.

Beating every other warranty on this list, CougarMotor is even willing to dish out a three year warranty and lifetime support. They’re definitely some of the best LED headlight bulbs out there – and we’re willing to bet they are just right for you.

#6 – OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kit

OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs

OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs

Sure, these bulbs are last on our little list, but that also puts them in the top six. There’s stiff competition in this space and the margin for being top dog is slim. For that reason, you can probably bet that these bulbs are just as good as any other on this list – and possibly even better in some regards – so let’s dive in.

Immediately, you’ll notice that these bulbs take home the lumens crown with a 3,500Lms rating. Per bulb. Yeah, per bulb. That’s a total of 7,000 lumens for those of you who are bad at math and that’s about 2,000 lumens better than the competition.

Additionally, these bulbs are going to last you while so get used to them, friend. We’re looking at over 50,000 hours of sustained, dependable, and, of course, tremendous and beautiful 6000K white light.

These bulbs will play well with your low beams, high beams, and fog lights and they’re so easy to install that your grandmother could do it. Just replace your stock housing and you are good to go.

OP7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kits are one of a kind and some of the brightest LED headlight bulbs available.

LED Headlight Buyers Guide

LED headlights are a newer technology compared to cars themselves so it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that we are clear on what is great – and not so great- when you are going to get your own LED headlights.

There are pros and cons as well as things to look for and things to avoid when you make your purchase so we are going to do you the good favor of creating a nice LED Headlight Buyer’s Guide right here.

LED Headlight Bulb Benefits

With LED bulbs, the benefits are extraordinary. The one thing we are going to point to most is the insane boost in vision that comes out of installing LED headlight bulbs. Not only will you be seeing brighter, but you will also be seeing further and with a wider field of view.

When comparing HIDs vs LEDs, LEDs still win. They’re brighter, and last longer.

We’ve all been surprised by the unexpected thing that jumps into the cone of our headlights far too late for us to react comfortably. What if that feeling could be nonexistent? Because it can be with LED headlight bulbs.

The brightest LED headlight bulbs can give you up to twice as good visibility in every direction and that is something that directly leads to vastly enhanced safety while driving at night. We can’t say enough about why you should be investing in some today but perhaps a look out into the deep night will.

What to Look for When Buying LED Headlights

The pros that have been into LED headlights will point you in a few directions to give you the right idea.

First, they like getting as little power draw as possible while still getting the best light as they can. Make sure that you look at the voltage and wattage on the bulbs you are looking at and compare it to other comparable models to see if you are going to be demanding too much out of your vehicle for how many lumens you will be seeing.

In our opinion, the lifespan of the bulbs is something to pay attention to, as well. We like to get longevity out of our dollars and lifespan is something we definitely keep an eye on. And, last, everyone agrees that you have got to get 6000k lights.

This Bright White hue is the best at recreating day time lighting comparable to the sun and enhances your visibility to as true as possible.

Things to Avoid When Buying LED Headlights

As far as avoidances with LED headlights, we don’t really see too many. Some will run hotter than others and that puts them at an increased risk to overheat, malfunction, and break.

If you see a pair that run especially hotter than the competition, you may want to back off of that particular pair. We also recommend paying very close attention to making sure that you are getting a kit that actually fits your ride.

Not all headlights and bulbs play nicely together so you will want to make sure the specific bulbs you get and your ride specifically work together. Beyond these two things, though, we definitely recommend most LED headlights in general.


Altogether, we think you should be investing in your own safety – and we’re willing to bet that you just agreed with us there. The brightest LED headlight bulbs will keep you much, much safer out on the road at night and that is a priceless thing.

The peace of mind to drive in the darkest midnight with the greatest visibility possible is sacred and that’s why we recommend that you get your hands on some of these LEDs as quickly as possible.

Images: Amazon, BozhuWallpaper