I received a free set of these headlight bulbs in exchange for my honest review.

As the aftermarket LED headlight industry grows, we see more manufacturers bringing products to the market. Ziste recently sent us an LED headlight conversion kit to review. Although the product has been on the market for less than 6-months, Ziste is not new to LED lighting. Having been established in 2008, Ziste focused on producing high-performance LED lighting, which they have offered in several other industries.

ziste led headlight bulb conversion kit box
Ziste LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit Box

ZISTE LED Headlight Bulb Specs

Power: 30W/bulb
LED chip: 2 pcs/bulb
Voltage: 12v
Material: Aluminum
Color Temperature: 4000K
Lumens: 4000lm/bulb

Now with their series of headlight conversion kits, they have the opportunity to make use of the same technology in the motor industry. They also offer the full array of replacement bulbs for reverse lights, tail lamps, fog lights, and more with headlight bulb kits. With an impressive 3-year limited warranty and 50,000-hour expected lifespan, the Ziste headlight conversion kit provides the perfect beam pattern, with an excellent heat dissipation design and working in extreme conditions.

ziste car led headlight open box
Ziste Car LED Headlight Open Box

The packaging was simple but effective, and the build quality met expectations for a product in this price range. As is standard with conversion kits, Ziste promises an easy installation, which we found was accurate in practice. The LEDs clip right in, and the drivers are small enough to tuck away. The plugs all fitted quickly, making for a straightforward process.

ziste car led conversion kit
Ziste Car LED Conversion Kit Closeup

At around $75 per kit, these are not the cheapest nor the most expensive products. With a 4,000 lumen (per bulb) output and a color temperature of 4,000K, the 30W CREE LEDs shine brighter than most competition. During testing, the brightness was confirmed, but some of Ziste’s other promises fell a bit flat. While the light color is spot on, the light output did not appear focused. The light spread too much and failed to give sufficient down-road light. This is contrary to their promise of excellent light coverage.

ziste car led headlight conversion kit installed on toyota sequoia fog lights
Ziste Car LED Headlight Conversion Kit Installed on Toyota Sequoia Fog Lights

The CREE LEDs in each bulb are cooled by a built-in Turbocool fan controlled by an improved MHC heat control driver. While we didn’t experience any issues with the functioning of the lights themselves, during our testing the bulbs were exposed to snow and rain, during which the fans made a strange noise. The lights are designed to operate in extreme conditions and have an IP67 rating. It should be noted the lights continued to function, and once they dried out, the fan noise disappeared. This was our experience with the product, and we have not heard such comments from other users.

Besides our own experiences, reviews on Amazon have been mixed, although mostly positive, with a 3.9-star rating. Reviews shared our sentiment about the lightbulbs being extremely bright and that the color temperature is a match, but little else was said.

While you should always use some caution when dealing with new products, the Ziste’s showing is hopefully a good sign of things to come. We might suggest giving this first iteration a skip in choice of a more established rival, but if there is a price drop, or you find yourself drawn to them for other reasons, you shouldn’t be afraid to test them out. Their extensive warranty and US-based support should be enough to counter any concerns.

Images/Photos: BestHeadlightBulbs, Amazon