At some point, you will start to find your new car’s bright and clear headlights turning into yellow and hazing after some time of use. Take note that while there are some automobiles that use glass lenses for their headlights, there are also some cars wherein the headlight lenses are in plastic materials.  Therefore, plastic oxidizes very easily, which eventually turns yellow and hazes up when exposed to UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

Fortunately, there are several ways on how to prevent these problems from happening so that you can keep your headlights as good as new. One of the effective ways to do this is to invest in high quality best headlight sealants. Using this item can save you more time and money. You no longer need to buy new headlights nor bring your vehicle to the automotive shop.

4 Best Headlight Sealants


#1Blue Magic Headlight Lens Sealer
Blue Magic Headlight Lens Sealer
#2TriNova Headlight Restoration Kit
TriNova Headlight Restoration Kit
#3Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner and Sealant
Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner and Sealant
#4Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner and Sealant
Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner and Sealant

Best Headlight Sealants

#1 – Blue Magic Headlight Lens Sealer

Blue Magic Headlight Lens Sealer
Blue Magic Headlight Lens Seale

Are you aware that there are tons of headlight sealants available in the market? You will be surprised to find out that the list of products, which can restore your headlight’s brightness and clarity, are endless. You can find a large collection of complete restoration kits that are ideal for revamping the lights.

You will also find clear coats, sandpapers, and other types of materials to clean the lenses. However, you must not forget to grab the best headlight sealant for your vehicle.

After considering a number of options and features that are important in a good headlight lens sealer, we rated this sealant by Blue Magic as the number one product on our featured list. The sealant comes in the quantity of 8 fluid ounces. 

There is a range of features that we find the most valuable in this product. 

First, the sealant comes in an easy to use and easy to apply packaging. It comes in a plastic bottle with a push, spray nozzle that can help users to apply the product to the headlight quickly and efficiently. The bottle also features a transparent cap that further makes this a safe product, especially if there are kids and pets in your home.  

Aside from this, the sealer is also usable in all kinds of headlights. Keep in mind that this item is ideal not only for old headlights that need restoration but even for new ones. With its continued use, there is a high guarantee that the clarify and brightness of new headlights can last for a long time.

Another thing that sets this product apart from its competitor is the brand that it is associated with. Blue Magic offers a useful kit that you can use to restore discolored and oxidized lenses in the headlights.

While this product deserves to be on top of our list, there is a need to disclose the fact that this sealant by Blue Magic contains some hazardous chemicals. As such, if you have pets or kids at home, it is important to store the sealant carefully. This is necessary to reduce or eliminate any harm due to accidental leakage. 


●  Works on new, restored and yellowed lights

●  Comes in an easy to use, convenient bottle

●  Quick and easy item to use for maintenance

●  Affordable than most other alternatives


●  Contains hazardous chemicals

#2 – TriNova Headlight Restoration Kit

TriNova Headlight Restoration Kit
TriNova Headlight Restoration Kit

The TriNova headlight restoration kit is a crystal clear fluid that acts as a polish for your car’s headlights. Before we look deeper into the feature of the kit, let’s first look at what the package offers. 

This product from TriNova comes in a bottle of 4 fluid ounces. These are the two bottles available for this item: blue and purple. 

The blue bottle is the polish and protectant, which improves visibility of your headlights and decreases the yellowish-color on the lenses. At the same time, this variant also ensures that the headlights will not stain anytime soon. On the other hand, the purple bottle is a spray bottle with a push-nozzle. It is a cleaning spray for your headlights that you can regularly use to ensure a shiny finish for your headlights each time you wash your car. It is highly effective in removing fog. 

While both bottles have an easy-to-apply design, they also come with an applicator. The applicator has a small, compact design with a small handle on the top. This feature allows users like you to get a great on the item for efficient cleaning. 

This protectant is the best way to ensure that your headlights are protected from exposure and damage from the UV rays. Without this, there will be no point in restoring or replacing discolored headlights. 

Furthermore, the kit also includes sandpaper for cleaning. However, this does not mean that you can’t use your own paper. Once the sandpaper in the kit is worn out, you can get your own grit paper as a replacement. You do not need to buy another sandpaper to continue using the item.

Another advantage of buying from TriNova is that they are actively responsive. Their customer service is remarkable and commendable. Their team is composed of professional representatives who respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. 

If this is the first time that you are interested in using a restoration or headlight sealant kit, then be sure to choose this brand. Keep in mind that this brand has a wide range of car maintenance products, such as wax, wheel cleaners, and car shampoos. These are the other products to buy so that you can do car maintenance on your own. 


●  Reliable brand with dependable customer service

●  Comes with a cleaning brush and sandpaper

●  Protects headlights from UV rays

●  Can be used with other sandpapers


●  Buyers report dissatisfactory results 

#3 – Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner and Sealant

Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner and Sealant
Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner and Sealant

One very important feature that we all need to look for in a headlight sealant is its multi-purpose functionality. It is vital that the product you are buying does more than just one job. For this reason, the Turtle Wax T-43 2-in-1 headlight cleaner and sealant is one of the top 4 picks on our list. 

The product comes in a plastic bottle with a screw-on cap for ease of use. The liquid comes in a generous quantity of 9 ounces. It functions not only to clean your headlights but also acts as a sealant. Therefore, with this outstanding product, you no longer need to spend money on buying a cleaner and a sealant separately. 

Another important feature is the versatility of this product. You can use it to clean or seal both headlights and taillights. The best part is that it can be used with any brand of restoration kit and does not limit your options. You are free to mix and match, as long as you read the labels first before combining it with other products.

If you need to clean plastic windows or any other translucent plastic part of your automobile, then this versatile and remarkable product is the right option for you.

One drawback that we see with the Turtle Wax is that it will not protect your headlights from UV. The core purpose of this product is to clean the lights and seal the lenses to prevent condensation and, hence fogging. 


●  2-in-1 design ensures a multi-purpose functionality

●  Cost-efficient

●  Can be used regularly on multiple parts of the car

●  Good quantity of bottle


●  No protection from UV

#4 – Formula 1 615874 Headlight Restorer/Sealant

Formula 1 615874 Headlight Restorer/Sealant

Formula 1 615874 Headlight Restorer/Sealant

Another multi-purpose product that we have on our list is the Formula 1 615874 restorer. It acts as a restoration kit and as a sealant both for your headlights. The product comes in a bottle of 8 fluid ounces that have a Snap-On cap to ensure easy usage and application of the fluid. 

The fluid is designed to not only clean the lights from surface-level but also to get rid of oxidations, dust stains, debris, and other marks on the lenses. Furthermore, it also seals the lenses to further prevent it from any damage. 

This amazing sealant is one of the most versatile and multi-purpose products on the market. At an affordable price, this product can already be used to clean brakes, helmets, bike windscreens, and even hazard lights. As such, the maintenance cost for your car will be minimal, while the results will be fulfilling. Take note that this sealant can be applied in two layers if you have extremely cloudy lights.

Despite this, it is also crucial to note that this product does guarantee protection from UV rays. At the same time, you may also need to arrange an applicator by yourself. 


●  Multipurpose functionality

●  Easy to use bottle with a snap-on cap

●  Can be used to clean other parts and helmets too

●  Can work on extremely cloudy lights too


●  NOUV protection specified 

Headlight Sealant ULTIMATE Buyers Guide

It is important to make some very significant considerations when you are investing in a material for your car’s maintenance. Similarly, before buying a headlight sealant, consider the following factors to ensure you make an informed choice; 

What are the Advantages of Buying Headlight Sealants

Headlight Sealant
Image Credit: autoguide

The majority of the experts and car enthusiasts know the value of clear and bright headlights. They are aware that a well-maintained set of headlights not only ensures a good, new look for your car but also provides a safety function. Unfortunately, no matter how you exert efforts in car maintenance, exposure to UV rays cannot be avoided.

it is important to buy the best headlight sealants in the market. Even if you are buying a restoration kit for your car’s headlights, it is vital to ensure that it has a special feature that decreases the negative effects of UV rays. These are some of the benefits of using a sealant for your headlights:

● UV protection

One important benefit of using this product is that it protects your headlights from UV damage. You cannot stop yourself form parking the car under sunlight or driving it around during the daytime. What you can do to ensure UV protection and longevity of the headlights is to use a sealant. 

● Longer restoration life

Once you’ve completely applied or utilized a restoration kit, the sealant is the final nail in the coffin. It is a very crucial, last step that provides a guarantee that the restoration will last longer. 

● Cheaper 

With this product, you can save big in your car maintenance costs. There is no longer a need to go to your local auto shop to improve the brightness and clarity of the headlights. All you must do is get hold of the best headlight sealants and apply them at home.

What to Look for When Buying Headlight Sealant 

These are the factors that you must take into consideration if you want to purchase an effective and efficient headlight sealant:

● Longevity

Every sealant manufactured by various brands is made with different ingredients and several varying methods. At the same time, the instructions manual will also be different from one another. Consequently, every sealant has a varying duration of longevity. This means that some sealants will perform efficiently for a longer time, while others may not last longer than a few months. 

Before buying the sealant, make sure to compare and weigh out the estimated longevity of the sealant against its price to see if it’s feasible. 

● Brand reliability

Another thing to take into consideration is the performance, reputation and reliability of the headlight sealants brand. You have to look for brands that are well-known for creating high-quality products. As much as possible, look for the number of operations of a particular brand, as well as its reputation in the automobile care industry.

● Safe for health

Some sealants, like the one by Blue Magic, comes with a disclaimer label that it can be hazardous if swallowed. Therefore, you should make sure that the sealant you are buying comes with such labels and warnings. Exercise precaution when using the sealants at home.

● Ease of application

There are headlight sealants that require specific tools and material for its application. For example, some sealants may not be used without syringes. These types of items can cause difficulty or inconvenience if on your part, especially if you do not have any tools available at home.

Therefore, go for sealants that either come with their own applicators or come in a spray/bottle packaging that ensures ease of application. 

● Purpose 

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are two types of headlight lenses such as glass lenses and plastic lenses. It is crucial to check first the quality or type of your headlight lenses before purchasing sealants. Keep in mind that not all sealants work on every surface, which is why you have to be careful in selecting one that works for you.

Tips In Using Headlight Sealant 

Using Headlight Sealant
Image Credit: automobilexyz

● Proper storage

Like any other car cleaning chemical, sealants can also be hazardous. They can easily break or cause leakages. This can be highly dangerous if the chemicals are flammable. It may even cause a fire in your garage. Moreover, it is also unsafe to have improperly stored sealants if you have kids and pets at home. They are completely hazardous, which means that their exposure to sealants may pose health risks on their part. Hence, we strongly recommend safe and secure storage.

● Follow the instruction manual

All sealants come with instructions manual. In this manual, you will find the details on the amount of sealant fluid to apply, the process of getting it done, when to apply it, and other crucial information.. Use this to ensure effective results. 

● Use of protective gear 

We strongly recommend the use of gloves when using sealants. 


As you can see, there are 4 best headlight sealants available in the market for car owners like you. The items provided above are among the top picks of people who constantly use sealants for car maintenance. No matter how old and fogged the headlights are, investing in a good quality sealant will always be a great solution to this problem.

Make sure to go for a product that is fully functional and can be cost-effective. Do not forget to take into consideration several factors such as durability, reliability, and quantity when it comes to selecting the best headlight sealants from various stores.