Need to know which is the best aftermarket headlight assembly brand? Here is our list for 2023:

5 Best Aftermarket Headlight Assembly Brands:

  1. Vipmotoz
  2. Anzo USA
  3. Depo
  4. Xtune
  5. Spyder Auto

Many people want to upgrade their cars, but they don’t actually know how to make it happen. Fortunately, there are aftermarket headlights available in the market. These products are considered incredibly great replacement parts that any car owners or enthusiasts can use to upgrade their automobiles. Whether you want to replace your broken headlights, or you want a completely different look for your car, know that these aftermarket headlights can make all the difference.

They aren’t only headlights, as the name suggests. These amazing items can help in improving the look of your car and in updating it. To help you pick the best aftermarket headlight assembly, we’ve reviewed the top 5 brands that you can choose. Our goal is to help you find the right one so that your investment will not go to waste.

Best-Rated Aftermarket Headlight Assembly Brands

1: Vipmotoz

Image Credit: Vipmotoz

For a brand to deserve the number 1 spot in a review, it needs to have a lot of exemplary features. As such, this is why Vipmotoz made it to our top list. It is the most desirable brand in the market, as several consumers love how great the product is. It comes with stronger headlights, compact designs, and triple-layered protections.

The brand offers products that come in pairs and are suitable for both the passenger side and the driver’s side. It also offers high compatibility, which means that users can use it for different kinds of car models. Notwithstanding this fact, you still need to see whether your vehicle and your headlights are of the same size. Hence, be sure to double-check first before making a purchase to ensure that you will not buy the wrong item.

Aside from this, the headlights under this brand also offer triple-layered protection and higher durability. This is important because it means that the headlights can last for a long life span without breaking or wearing out. The extra coating also helps combat the weather and debris that your vehicle faces on a day-to-day basis.

Another reason why this brand is at the number 1 spot is its dynamic switchback design. It features the latest technology in the automotive industry. This includes the parking and turns signal switchbacks. The brand is also 100% street legal and is totally SAE DOT approved.

What separates this brand the most from others is that it comes in various appealing colors. Unlike other brands, the assembly highlights by Vipmotoz don’t restrict your vehicle to only one light. Its dual-color functions are specially designed to make your vehicle stand out in the crowd.

If you are looking for the most quality-controlled products in the market that require fewer replacements and repairs, then this brand of aftermarket headlight assemblies is definitely the one for you.


  • Comes with all equipment in the headlight assembly box
  • Lights included both for the driver and passenger sides
  • Offers dual-color functions
  • Comes with a dynamic switchback design
  • Does not require rewiring


  • It is expensive when compared to other models
  • Its repair costs are significantly higher

2: Anzo USA

Image Credit: ANZO USA

With its latest technology and ease of installation, this brand is already making its mark in the industry. It is now the second sport on our list of best aftermarkets headlight assembly brands. This brand is highly recommended by several buyers and even potential customers because of its great features.

The projector headlights by Anzo USA are specially designed via a computer. They are the perfect amalgamation of modernity and convenience. They offer an innovative solution to your old and boring headlight assembly issue. What is amazing about this brand is that it uses the latest CAD technology and specialized equipment to ensure that its headlights are of high quality.

Another noteworthy feature that makes people love this brand is the easy installation feature of the headlights.  When it comes to headlight assembly parts, the installation plays a huge role. It can be challenging to install a newly-bought pair of headlights if you do not have the right tools to use or a great instruction manual for it. Anzo USA understands this concern, which is why their products come with all the essential accessories that make installation fun and easy.

Its weather resistance feature has also been the talk of the town. It has a thermal hygrometer feature, which is a temperature and humidity chamber that is thoroughly tested for rain resistance. This ensures that even when the weather turns really bad, you won’t have an issue navigating your path. As such, you can remain safe all throughout your trip or drive.

Customers are also worried about power consumption. This becomes a huge problem, especially when you are an avid traveler who enjoys taking long trips. The brand is determined to offer low power consumption in all its headlights. This reduces fuel needs and also offers cost-effectiveness in the long run.

So, all in all, even if the brand hasn’t been around for a very long time, its commitment to creating quality products has helped it reach one of the top positions in the market.


  • Fairly easy to install and replace
  • All products are rain tested
  • Provides only great, hi-tech equipment
  • Uses CAD technology that helps boost product performance
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Products might consume more power 
  • Customer service is not very good

3: Depo

Brands that offer convenience, comfort, and affordability are appealing to customers. With Depo’s sole commitment to meeting the various needs of the consumers, it is not a surprise that it has become a promising brand in the market.

Ever since its launch, it has become one of the top brands in the market due to the high durability and strength of all its products. The assembly not only complies with SAE and DOT standards but also exceeds them. The brand continues to provide durable and high-quality assembly lights.

Among the other reasons why Depo is a popular brand in the automobile industry is due to the affordability of its products. The brand understands that it can be expensive for people to replace old and weary headlights. Their headlights are relatively inexpensive both in terms of initial purchase and repair costs. 

Depo is the abbreviation of Deer Port, a small town with a rich culture and ancient history. This is the place where the brand originated. From its humble beginnings, the brand has succeeded in achieving sustainable development with the best quality assurance on all its products.

The brand is also considered one of the most prestigious ones in Taiwan and different parts of the world. With a brand value of more than $50 million, it is the leading company in the auto lighting industry. The products also have a long life span and are known to withstand different external conditions.

So if affordability and convenience are the two criteria that you are looking for in a brand, then you need to look no further as DEPO has an extensive list of the best headlight assembly products to satisfy you.


  • Products have OEM compatibility that ensures proper fitment
  • Comes with high durability and strength
  • The assembly exceeds SAE and DOT standards
  • Totally driver-safe
  • Units can be installed on either side


  • Some wiring needs to be inserted separately
  • Has limited compatibility with car models

 4: Xtune

Another brand that makes it on our top list is Xtune. This brand is well-known in the industry because of the premium materials used in all its products. The items they sell are also cost-effective, which means that customers can get more value at an affordable price.  At the same time, it also has a low power consumption feature.

Xtune is known for making a number of products, including different styles and designs of headlight assemblies. One look at their products will definitely wow you as their items come in diverse colors and designs. These headlights are not only appealing to look at but are also efficient in the long run.

Their range of products includes projector headlights, brake lights, and even the front gritte. They can easily fit all kinds of Chevy models, even the really large ones.

When it comes to installation and warranty, the brand is determined to provide convenience to all its clients. Most of its packages come with light bulbs, which are great for all consumers. These bulbs can be used for proper installation. However, note that there are also some products from this brand that may not contain any inclusion. If you don’t want to spend extra money on that, you can simply apply the shock bulbs for installation.

Another area where Xtune doesn’t disappoint is its premium quality. All the products come with wiring options. This means that all the wiring required is preassembled for a plug-and-play application. However, you might need to insert the halo rim wires in some cases. This is actually one of the drawbacks that prevent Xtune from reaching a higher position in our review.

All in all, this isn’t a brand for people who like to keep things simple. The headlights are fashionable. You should purchase these items if you want to have colorful yet quality-assured products. 


  • All wiring of these headlights is preassembled 
  • Comes with an essential plug and play application
  • Packages include light bulbs for ease of usage
  • Relatively inexpensive 
  • Offers higher compatibility with a range of vehicles


  • Some packages come without light bulbs
  • Does not fit models or styles not explicitly listed

 5: Spyder Auto

Spyder Auto logo
Image Credit: Spyder Auto

High diversity and high compatibility are two of the essential characteristics that make this brand stand out from its competitors. The main motto behind including diversity was simple: to cater to a large number of people. With so many products that come with limited usage, you will be glad to know that Spyder Auto offers headlights that can be highly compatible with various car models.

There are 4 main kinds of headlight assemblies available under this brand. They are as follows: crystal headlights, projector headlights, tail headlights, and fog headlights. They all cater to different vehicles that work in different weathers.

The company offers wired connections on all its headlights. This, when coupled with direct bolt-on replacement parts, adds to the amazing appeal of the product. Moreover, all the light bulbs included in the package are fully approved by the ISO and OE, which means that you won’t have any trouble with the law agencies.

Another noteworthy feature of the brand is its affordability. You can get high-quality headlights from this brand at a completely affordable price. At the same time, the products from Spyder Auto are also easy to assemble or install. However, its lack of dual-color options and lower weather resistance are some of the reasons why the brand takes the fifth spot on our list.

All models come with an installation kit that contains all the important equipment. Hence, if you are looking for cool and affordable headlights, you can choose one from the numerous headlight assemblies that Spyder Auto offers.


  • All products are designed as direct bolt-on replacement parts
  • Offers simple wired connections on all vehicles
  • All lights are approved by OE and ISO
  • All tail light packages come as a pair
  • Products offer compact design and ease of installation


  • Does not come with a dual-color mode
  • Does not offer very good weather resistance

Guide to Best Aftermarket Headlight Assembly Brands 

We have already introduced some of the best products in the market for you, but that was the easy part. Now it’s time to know what the product actually is and how you can find the ideal brand for your car. Before you make any decision on what to purchase, know that each individual has their own criteria. You need to take your time to find the perfect brand that suits your car model the most.

How to Shop For the Best Aftermarket Headlight Assembly Brands? 

The market is flooded with the best aftermarket headlight assembly brands, which can be confusing for consumers like you. You can be stuck with the second-best product if you don’t know how to shop for the best aftermarket headlight assembly brands. Check the list below for some tips on how to shop for these products:

· Have all the information 

The first step should be to ensure you have all the required information you need. These products are fairly new in the market, and not many people understand their features. So, it is important to go through the whole buying guide before you choose the product. Once you understand your needs and have a clear picture of what you want, you can move to the next step. 

· Take help from reviews 

You should check out what consumers are saying about the top 5 best aftermarket headlights brands. You can then review their pros and cons and see which features you love most. Make sure to read feedback and reviews only from reliable buyers.

· Check out the compatibility 

You should also ensure that the headlights you choose are compatible with your vehicle. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong size can be a complete waste of money on your part. It can also provide for lesser functionality since the headlights and car models are not compatible.

What Are The Things To Look For When Buying Aftermarket Headlight Assembly? 

Headlight Assembly Brands
Image Credit: garagechief

There are many things that you need to consider when buying an aftermarket headlight assembly. Since you are upgrading your car, it is essential to take the necessary steps to make the purchase. Below are the things that you need to consider:

· Quality 

The headlight housing quality must be compatible with all the bulbs and must not result in beams scattering all over the place. This is especially important if you are used to driving in difficult environments and your vehicle is exposed to harsh weather situations.

Regardless of the quality, the elements and time will take their toll on any headlight assembly, so it’s always recommended to use a headlight protection film, headlight clear coat, or headlight sealant to keep your headlights looking their best for longer.

· Ease of installation 

Ease of installation should also be one of the considerations to look into. The best headlights are those that you can install in just a few minutes. However, if the parts are not compatible, you would have to spend more time on installation. 

· Design 

You also need to look into the design and style of the headlights that you want to buy. With the latest developments in the field of technology, several manufacturers have become more creative in coming up with great products for consumers. Customization is best done if you know how to select the design best suits your vehicle.

Tips for Buyers of Aftermarket Headlight Assembly Brands 

To make your job a lot easier, we will also be adding crucial tips to follow. 

As a reiteration, you need to make sure that the headlights are suitable for your car model. This will not only add to convenience on your part but also reduce the time taken for installation.

Moreover, you should check to see if the product includes all the components, including the bulbs. It must have everything that you need for the installation process to be completed successfully. In case the bulbs are separately sold, you can check the product descriptions for more clarity.

You need to read the warranty and the vendor’s return policy all the time. You need to understand the process in case you ever need to return the set. You must also choose Halo headlights as it is often used in the aftermarket headlights. They are either LED or CCCFL.

Aftermarket Headlight Assembly Brands FAQs 

People have so many questions when it comes to headlight assemblies. The Internet is filled with questions, mostly unanswered. We will be answering the frequently asked questions to help you out.

Is it safe to purchase aftermarket headlight assembly brands online?

There is an increased demand for aftermarket headlights, which is why these products are now available online. Several sellers are interested in distributing the headlight assembly to various consumers. Do not worry, as it is completely safe to buy these items from online stores. All you have to do is to select the reliable stores online.

What is the average range for an aftermarket headlight assembly?

That depends on whether you are replacing your old headlight assembly completely or partially. You can get a halogen bulb for $15 to $20. However, HID bulbs will cost a lot more. On average, you might have to spend around $250 to $700 to replace an entire headlight assembly.

What are the brands that offer free installation?

Not many brands offer free installation because it requires labor and manpower. However, contrary to what people think, installing headlights is really easy, especially if you find a model that is compatible with your vehicle. There are numerous videos available that you can watch and learn from. Most of the brands mentioned in this post offer easy installation features.

Headlight Assembly Brands: Conclusion

With all the amazing features of the best aftermarkets headlight assembly brands, choosing one that stands out from the rest can be confusing. They all have products that come with a different set of qualities and come at varying prices. You can reread the features and match them with the criteria of the model that you have in your head. 

Once you find the brand that meets your needs, don’t waste any time and buy the best product immediately. Check all the considerations first before you click buy!