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4 Best Headlight Sealants (Reviews + Ultimate Buying Guide)

best headlight sealant

At some point, you will start to find your new car’s bright and clear headlights turning into yellow and hazing after some time of use. Take note that while there are some automobiles that use glass lenses for their headlights, there are also some cars wherein the headlight lenses are… Read more »

5 Best Aftermarket Headlight Assembly Brands

best aftermarket headlight assembly

Many people want to upgrade their cars, but they don’t actually know how to make it happen. Fortunately, there are aftermarket headlights available in the market. These products are considered as incredibly great replacement parts that any car owners or enthusiasts can use to upgrade their automobiles. Whether you want… Read more »

4 Best Clear Coats For Headlights (Reviews + Ultimate Buying Guide)

Best Clear Coat For Headlights

When we think about car maintenance, we often just picture maintenance and check-ups for its engine and heavy-duty parts. However, we tend to overlook one essential safety and design component of our vehicles, particularly its headlights.  Take note that headlights are the eyes of your car. It does not only… Read more »

6 Best LED Headlights 2021 (Reviews + Ultimate Buying Guide)

Best LED Headlights

The LED headlight marketplace continues to get more and more competitive, with some impressive newcomers. This competition has also driven existing manufactures to improve their products. We’re seeing brighter LED headlights with a more focused beam, which is great for us as consumers. With this, we’ve combed through and identified… Read more »

6 Brightest Headlights 2021: LED, HID, & Halogen

Brightest Headlights 2019

Many drivers don’t pay attention to their headlights until they are fading or burned out. Having the brightest headlights keeps you safe in a variety of conditions. It can also make your vehicle look much better. Faded yellow headlights just look bad. So to keep you safe, and improve the… Read more »

6 Brightest LED Headlight Bulbs 2021 (Reviews + Ultimate Buying Guide)

brightest led headlight bulbs 2019

When only the brightest LED headlight bulbs will do, but there are too many options to sort through. Enter, our 6 brightest LED headlight bulbs for 2021. Enjoy. #1 – XenonPro LED Headlights Kit – 9,000 LM Brightness: 9,000 lumens (4,500 lumens per bulb) @ 45W per bulb Color: White,… Read more »

4 Best HID Headlights 2021 (Reviews + Ultimate Buying Guide)

Best HID Headlights Banner

HID headlights may no longer garner as much respect as they once did, but they’re still a very effective lighting system, and one of the brightest headlight options you can get installed on a new vehicle direct from the manufacturer. In this article we discuss the four best HID headlights… Read more »

5 Best LED Interior Car & License Plate Lights 2021

Best LED Interior Car Lights

Be it your vehicle’s automatic interior lights or the ones that shine your license plates – LED is your best option even as we enter 2021. They are extremely energy-efficient, highly rated, and most importantly, their light energy output does not weaken compared to the regular halogens and CFLs. Here… Read more »

4 Best LED Fog Lights 2021 (Reviews + Ultimate Buying Guide)

Best LED Fog Lights Banner1

Fog lights can be quite a contentious issue for some people, even more so when you start talking about LEDs. As such we dig a bit deeper into the tech, and discuss four of the best LED fog lights currently on the market. 4 Best LED Fog Lights 2021 To… Read more »

ZISTE LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit Review

ZISTE LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit

Disclaimer: I received a free set of these headlight bulbs in exchange for my honest review. As the aftermarket LED headlight industry continues to grow, so we see more manufacturers bringing products to the market. Most recently we were sent an LED headlight conversion kit by Ziste to review. Although… Read more »