Today’s market makes it difficult to know which brand is the best HID brand available. Considering the quality, service life, warranties, and price, here are the best HID brands:

Best HID Brands:

#1 – Philips
#2 – Osram Sylvania


This company is a household name with anything and everything that has to do with lighting. It was a family-owned company established in 1891 by Frederick Philips. In over a century of being in operation, they are responsible for the most innovative products for residential, commercial, and medical use.

Philips has introduced the world to a lot of diverse breakthrough technology. From medical innovations, such as X-ray headlights and 3D CT scans, to consumer items like DVDs and television, it has definitely improved the lives of people worldwide. Xenon Technology Development Philips is the inventor of Xenon technology, which is one of the reasons why you should consider it the best HID brand.

Their headlights are made from high-quality materials and have gone through extensive stress tests to simulate everyday conditions. This ensures that their products are safe and reliable regardless of the weather and road conditions.

Philips is the main choice of car manufacturers producing headlights for OEM. With such a great reputation, they are naturally also the brand trusted by car owners for after-sales upgrades and replacements.

Xenon Products Philips operates their automotive lighting innovations on the tagline “Feel Safe. Drive Safe.” Below are some of the products they offer to support this statement: HID Conversion Kits Not all car makes and models offer HID as part of the OEM.

Philips gives everybody the chance to convert their car headlights to start enjoying the brighter and more energy-efficient Xenon headlights. It features a 3 beam – alignment lighting pattern, which guarantees brighter illumination of the road.

These kits are available at affordable prices and can be done as a DIY project by amateurs or installed by experts. It only averages about 15 minutes to install this kit. Philips guarantees the quality of their conversion kits, so these do not damage your vehicle when used.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Xenon Standard Headlights

Philips offers high-quality replacements for burned-out headlights, whether it’s for OEM or a converted vehicles.

Below are some of the headlight features that you can benefit from:

  • Efficient Lighting – Driving at night or in any other low light conditions is safer and more convenient as the Xenon headlight offers illumination that is comparable to daylight. This feature makes it easier to see any obstacles on the road.
  • UV Resistant – Has anti-UV coating, which protects it from harmful UV radiation and guarantees that the bulb will last longer.
  • Humidity Resistant – Made from quartz glass, the bulb can withstand any thermal shocks. So whatever weather or climate condition you’re driving in, you have an assurance that your headlights won’t fail you.
  • Preferred Brand – Most car manufacturers and automotive organizations recommend Philips as the best HID brand choice.
  • Warranty – Philips stands behind the quality of their products, so a warranty covers any product defects within 3 years.
  • ECE Standard – Your safety is guaranteed as the product is certified to the highest ECE standards.

Philips also has a security feature to protect you from low quality and harmful imitations. The Certificate of Authenticity on the packaging has a code that you can check online. You can also scan these on mobile phones, so it’s easy and convenient to ensure that you are purchasing a genuine item.

Osram Sylvania

Osram is a multinational company with headquarters in Munich, Germany. It is one of the leading names in lighting technology and has been producing quality products for over a hundred years.

In 1906, the company developed its first incandescent light. GE also imported its filament to produce light bulbs.

Osram acquired Sylvania to create this international company’s North American lighting division. They are one of the leading manufacturers that produce quality lighting from incandescent to HID headlights. They are also the preferred brand for both residential and commercial use.

They are the sponsors of some of the most famous light shows in the US, such as the Disney’s Electric Parade in Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and the Illuminations: Reflection of Earth at Epcot in Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida.

Xenarc HID Technology

Osram created the Xenarc light products to introduce an energy-efficient lighting option utilizing HID bulbs. Osram is certainly one of the best HID brands to consider for your headlights as experts in lighting. In fact, it is the only company worldwide that manufactures mercury-free HID lighting systems.

Xenarc Products Osram offers quality products that include the following:

  • Conversion Kits – Osram allows car owners to convert their OEM halogen lighting to HID with the Osram Xenarc conversion kits. However, these are not yet ECE certified, so you can’t use these on public roads yet.
  • Xenarc HID Headlights – Osram offers a wide array of automotive HID headlights that range from environmentally friendly technology to lighting color options. The Osram Xenarc D3 and D4 products offer mercury-free lighting that’s comparable to regular HID bulbs. While another interesting option available is Xenarc D2 Cool Blue headlight, which has a bluish-white light that offers high contrast for better vision when driving.

Below are some of the product features that you can benefit from:

  • Brighter Lights – The Osram Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited offers 70% better illumination than any other HID headlight on the market. With HID headlights already generally brighter than halogen headlights, you can expect a much clearer view of the road. It won’t make much difference if you’re driving during daytime or at night as the road ahead will always be brilliantly illuminated.
  • Patented Light Cone – Driving is safer as beams are 20 meters longer than standard HID headlights. You get a clearer view of what’s ahead to make nighttime driving safer for you and your passengers.
  • Whiter Light – Proven to be 5% whiter than other HID headlights sold in the market.
  • High Color Temperature produces illumination similar to daylight with a high color temperature at 5000k, so it doesn’t strain the driver’s eyes.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Osram has mercury-free HID headlights with high lumen output.
  • Reliability – Osram Xenarc headlights produce luminous flux at lower power consumption. These headlights are guaranteed to last longer at an average of 3000 hours. There are also no visible light temperature changes during the headlight’s extended lifetime.
  • Warranty – Osram offers a 4-year warranty on their HID Xenarc Headlights to cover any product defects.
  • Quality Award-Winning – The Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited headlight has been chosen by auto magazines as the best performing HID headlight in the market. This affirms Osram’s promise to provide consumers with the best products at affordable prices.

There are online resources available where you can check if you are purchasing a genuine Osram Xenarc product. You can type the security key on the website so you can validate the item you bought.

What are HID Headlights?

HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge and is a technology popularly used nowadays for automotive headlights.

It produces a brighter light than normal halogen lights. This is the reason why luxury and premium carmakers, such as Lexus and BMW, have started using these on their newer models.

HID headlights are also known as Xenon headlights because of the trace amounts of this gas used to prevent flickering when started. This ensures that the headlights are as clear as day the minute you turn them on without any need to get warmed up.

History of HID Headlights

It was first used in the mid-1990s for luxury cars. It quickly caught the attention of enthusiasts because of its distinct white glow with a bluish tinge on the edges.

Despite its brighter output than halogen headlights, it generally only needs about 35 watts and can last around 2000 hours on average. It is commonly used for high beams but is also available for low beams.

In the early stages of this technology, it had some safety problems as the light was too bright for other drivers. The glare it produced created a safety hazard for motorists. However, with additional features, such as better light cones, Xenon headlights now efficiently direct beams to make road visibility wider and longer.

Driving in light conditions is now more convenient and safer for all motorists.

Benefits of HID Headlights

Here is a summary of the benefits of HID headlights:

  • Better visibility – Since HID headlights produce a brilliant white light that’s almost similar to daylight, it is easier to navigate the roads whether you’re driving at night or in any other low light condition. Halogen headlights used in most vehicles provide a yellowish tint, making it difficult to see road obstacles that often result in accidents as drivers do not have time to act sooner. Studies show that using HID headlights can reduce the occurrence of accidents because drivers have more reaction time to avoid sudden obstacles, such as wildlife or pedestrians.
  • Longer Lifetime – Regular headlights with Halogen headlights may seem to be cheaper options, but with a shorter lifespan, they tend to be higher in cost in the long run. HID headlights last an average of 2000 to 3000 hours, which is almost double or triple that of halogen lights. This means less money spent on purchasing replacements and paying for the service of an expert when replacing them.
  • Lower Energy Consumption – HID headlights use up to 30% less wattage than regular halogen headlights. Since your car provides this energy, using an HID headlight will help conserve battery life. This means more money saved on vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Aesthetic – HID headlights produce a brilliant light with an interesting bluish tint that many car enthusiasts find quite attractive and useful. Your headlights don’t just keep you safe but also give your vehicle an elegant look.

With such great benefits like the ones mentioned above, it comes as no surprise that more car owners want to get HID for their vehicles. Cars that originally used halogen headlights can now be converted by using HID kits.

There are many brands, both local and foreign, that produce HID headlights, making the process of choosing the best one confusing. This is an important decision as choosing the wrong one may cost you more money or may damage your vehicle.

Shopping Around for HID Whether you’re thinking about converting to HID or just need a replacement bulb, you need to consider several factors before you make your final purchasing decision.

Considerations When Buying HID Headlights

Some of the most important factors to consider are the following:

  • Bulb Type – This is probably the most basic factor, but buyers often overlook it. Check the bulb type of your car, make and model to ensure that you don’t waste money by purchasing the wrong replacement. Although headlights may look different, different types are used, such as H1 and H4. In addition, check if your car uses different bulbs for the low and high beams. This will ensure that you purchase all you need at the same time.
  • Warranty – It is always important to check what warranties are included with your purchasing product. Products with more extensive warranties may be a bit pricier, but maybe the smarter purchases. This will ensure that you have coverage for any product defects. Aside from the warranty period, make sure to check what is covered.
  • Xenon Color and Temperature – There are several options on colors and temperatures. The colors are characterized by their temperatures and are suitable for certain types of driving. A 3000k bulb has a yellow tint and is suitable as fog lights, while a bulb with 8000k has a bluish tint that will work well for driving on city roads. Cars with factory-made HID generally have 4300k bulbs. You need to check what’s allowed by law in your area to avoid any problems. Also, consider the conditions where you will frequently be driving to see which ones will work best for your needs.
  • Brands – Although it may be tempting to choose products based on the price, purchasing cheaper brands may have disastrous results. Choose a product made by brands that can be trusted and who can guarantee quality. The last thing you want to happen is to buy a replacement bulb within 6 months. You also do not want to have faulty headlights that can endanger your and your loved ones’ safety. Purchasing from the best HID brands will be an investment worth making.

HID vs. Tinted Halogen Headlights

One of the reasons HID appeals to a lot of car owners is the bluish tinge produced by Xenon headlights. It is an elegant look, which is both practical and aesthetic.

Some Halogen light manufacturers have developed bulbs that recreate this effect. Unfortunately, tinted bulbs do not offer the same benefits as HID headlights. The former is quite dangerous for nighttime and low-light driving conditions.

Regular halogen headlights with tinted blue bulbs are cheaper but do not offer sufficient illumination to see the roads and can cause accidents. In addition, certain locations do not allow the use of these types of bulbs for automotive lighting.

When talking about quality HID headlights, experts recommend two brands, Philips and Osram. These are the best HID brands that will be worth investing in.

Below is some information to help you determine which one will work best for you.

Tips on Buying HID headlights.

With a lot of interest in this technology, it is easy to find places and sources to purchase these from.

  • Brand Websites – The best place to purchase these are, of course, from the manufacturers. Philips and Osram have user-friendly websites to guide you through your purchase. There is extensive information and reviews to help you decide which products will work well for you.
  • Resellers – HID headlights are available from resellers online. Before making a purchase, check if they are certified resellers. Dodgy online merchants may try to mislead you by selling imitations that are of poor quality that may end up damaging your vehicles. Beware of items that are priced too low against the current market value. These may not be genuine and may only result in a waste of money. Products from resellers also often still come with the manufacturer’s warranty, so make sure to purchase from the right people online.
  • Auto and Service Shops – Most auto shops where you get your car serviced may have HID headlights available on stock. This is one of the best ways to purchase replacement headlights, as you can already have these installed by experts.

Shipping may sometimes damage the product causing a delay in getting your bulbs replaced.

If you choose to install the replacement on your own, it is important to remember not to touch the bulb as this may cause damage. Warranties do not generally cover any defects caused by the user.

High-Intensity Discharge headlights are quickly becoming car manufacturers’ and drivers’ automotive lighting choices. To enjoy the benefits, these headlights have to offer, it is advisable to only purchase from the best HID brands in the market.

If you’ve tried these products or have an insight, you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment or feedback.