This is not an easy question to answer. Identifying the best blue headlight bulbs is difficult because of the nature of the blue bulb.

Our Picks for the Best Blue Headlight Bulbs

#1 – XenonPro Blue LED or XenonPro Ice Blue HID (8000k)
#2 – Sylvania Cool Blue
#3 – PIAA Style Super Plasma GT

A halogen light bulb is naturally a white-ish/yellow-ish light. There is no changing that. Without modifying the bulb, that’s the color of the light. In order to make that light blue, one must pass that light through some type of filter.

A good example of this is Christmas lights. If you take a close look at non-led Christmas lights, you’ll see that the small glass case around each filament has a transparent coating on it. If you take your fingernail and scratch the glass, you may be able to scrape off the tint that is on the glass, revealing the white/yellow light.

Blue halogen headlights are the same. If you look closely, you’ll see that they too have a blue tint placed on the glass, and as the yellow halogen light passes through the blue transparent tint, it makes the light appear to be blue.

The Best Blue Headlight Bulbs

#1 – XenonPro Blue LED or XenonPro Ice Blue HID (8000k)

best blue headlights

XenonPro is a leader in LED and HID headlight and fog light bulbs. Their products perform incredibly well, come in a range of blues, and are backed by a lifetime warranty, making them our top picks.

Unlike others on the market, XenonPro is one of the only manufacturers to offer blue headlight bulbs in both LED and HID technology. Most blue headlight bulbs on the market are either halogen or HID.

Depending on your needs, XenonPro offers the following options for blue headlight bulbs:


  • Blue LED Headlights (8000K) – 90% blue/10% white (mostly blue)


  • Ice Blue HID Headlights (6000K) – 20% blue/80% white (tint of blue)
  • Blue HID Headlights (8000K) – 90% blue/10% white (mostly blue)
  • Pure Blue HID Headlights (10000K) – 100% blue (dark blue)
best headligh tbulbs

2. Sylvania Cool Blue

Sylvania Cool Blue replacement headlights

3. PIAA Style Super Plasma GT

PIAA Style Super Plasma GT replacement headlights

How is Blue Too Blue?

One factor that can make or break a blue headlight is how much tint has been placed on the bulb. The darker the tint, the bluer the light will appear, leaving the blue. However, the less light output you’ll get. The heavier the tint, the dimmer the light. The lighter the tint, the brighter the light. You’ll also find that you’ll reach a certain point in which, if the blue tint is too light, the light output will no longer appear blue but will appear white. A slight blue tint produces white light, but a darker tint produces blue light. It all depends on the look you’re going for.

Speaking from experience, I’ve owned several blue headlight bulbs and found that the darker the tint is, the more I hated to drive with those bulbs in the dark. I loved how they looked from the outside, but it really made it tough to see the road at night.

The Headlight Design is Key

Another factor that I’ve found that plays a critical role in determining whether or not you’ll enjoy blue headlights is the headlight assembly itself. In my experience, I found that the vehicles that have a high/low beam in one bulb did not handle the blue lights very well. The light output was minimal, and the performance was poor. However, I found that my vehicles that had the high beam separate from the low beam in the headlight assembly (one separate bulb for each) handled the blue headlight a lot better.

Wrap Up

If you’re going for a true blue headlight, go with the PIAA Super Plasma GT. The light output is lower due to the heavier tint, but the color is great. If you’re going for more of a white bulb with slight blue color, either of the other two will do.

When it comes to selecting the best blue headlight bulbs, it really is a question of personal preference. It even took a little experimentation to see what worked best with the headlight assembly on my vehicle. Regardless, there is nothing like a new set of headlights for your ride to give it a fresh look.